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The Majority General Reason of Car Accidents

However, human error and 57% of all accidents on the road at least 90% of all reported incidents as the only factor, drink driving and driver fatigue, a number of categories, including speed, can be broken.

The annual cost of R35 billion in car accident. according to

90 The reason for the chaos, the state, individuals and commerce an R35 billion annually, a deviation in the estimated cost of all our accidents live in South Africa, to come. It is ideal for owners of motor vehicles statistics startling invites, make sure they are adequately covered by insurance car accident, because there is a point in our lives involved in a road accident was a strong possibility. You can be the best driver, but of course, other drivers on the roads, and can never be sure.

Fatal accidents, drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, although a fast traffic, especially on vacation, an explosion, the road safety campaign, road access to it at the top of the officials involved in moving. In 2014, for instance, 197 accidents were allegedly caused by drunk driving, but two years later, that number had reached 312 for an unacceptable level of 2.55% of fatal accidents of drunk drivers?

80% of drivers over the speed limit

The vast majority of drivers speed in South Africa with a specific problem, ignoring the speed limit. A recent case study of Mpumalanga, for example, nearly 80% of all drivers was speed limits are not an isolated incident. Speed and alcohol collected in the United States and the research shows that the lethal combination of speed with a very high percentage of drunk drivers involved in a fatal car accident.

Feeling a major cause of road deaths

Although driver fatigue can be classified as lawlessness, it is a series of literally thousands of accidents each year under the driver’s negligence reduces and it is believed that the major contributor. The reason the word “feeling” is used here because it is difficult to prove driver fatigue.

In America, all fatal road accidents and South Africa’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration should be about 4% in heavy drowsy as claimed. So, drivers at low or high speed, long road, boring stretches lose concentration, but there are simple ways to avoid driver fatigue.

And passenger transport is no longer trying to hand, preferably a chatty co – pilot will serve as

  • Make sure you stop regularly, every two hours, if possible, where your legs, coffee or cold drink and a small bite to eat on board as possible.
  • Instead of drugs to avoid while driving and never drink alcohol and never take them because of drowsiness while driving, you can

Before you become another road accident statistic, follow simple instructions, follow the rules of the road and make sure you have enough insurance car accident, a free event for years to come and you should enjoy of the pipe.