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Sound Advice for Car Accident Injury Victims

If you have been in a car accident there are some very important steps that you must take to protect your rights as a victim. Understanding and exercising your rights will help you to maximize your recovery from the physical and financial losses suffered by almost all auto accident victims.

What To Do After You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident

If you are in an auto accident, do not move your vehicle or leave the scene until the police have fully investigated the collision. Do not make statements regarding personal blame. The police investigation may determine that you were not at fault.

Seek Medical Evaluation

You should seek medical attention even if you think you were not injured. Some accident-related injuries do not have symptoms for several days following a collision. It is important to maintain well-documented and consistent treatment as recommended by your medical care provider.

Retain Qualified Legal Representation

It is important to note that retaining an experienced Federal Way accident lawyer at Premier Law Group to negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies almost always results in higher settlements. Insurance companies must answer to their shareholders, and as a result they attempt to keep payouts minimized. Your attorney is the only one who is solely concerned with you!

Retain a Certified Specialist

A State Bar certified specialist in personal injury can skillfully help you recover what is rightfully yours. In order to obtain Washington State Bar Certification, a car wreck attorney must have years of trial experience and have passed rigorous exams. There are only a limited number of personal injury and wrongful death specialists in the state of Washington because of the strict requirements.

Assess Damage to Your Vehicle

Do not have your automobile repaired until you have taken photographs of the vehicle. If you do not have a camera, your attorney will arrange to have the necessary pictures taken. Provide your attorney with copies of your auto insurance policy and the traffic accident card given to you by the police. Your attorney will contact your collision insurance carrier on your behalf to initiate the auto repair procedure. However, if you do not have collision insurance or a rental car provision within your policy, or if you do not want to have your car repaired through your own insurance company, your attorney can assist you in having your car repaired by the insurance company of the person responsible for your accident.

Hospital and Medical Bills

Supply your attorney with copies of all ambulance, hospital, and doctor bills. Also, provide your attorney with a copy of your health insurance policy. Submit all of your bills to the health insurer for payment. If you have a medical payments provision in your auto insurance policy, your attorney will submit your medical bills to your auto carrier for payment as well. By submitting your medical bills to both your health and auto insurer you will maximize your financial recovery. Under certain circumstances, Washington law entitles you to recover from your medical payments provider, your health insurance, and from the person responsible for the collision. In order to know all avenues of financial recovery available to you, consult with a certified personal injury attorney.

Inquiries About Your Accident

It is important that you do not speak with anyone other than your attorney, his staff or your attorney’s investigator about the accident. If you are approached to answer questions regarding the accident, identify the individual and whom he represents. Don’t even talk with your insurance company or to their legal representative without first notifying your attorney so that he or she may choose to be present.

Getting Help from a Car Accident Attorney

Many accident victims do not seek the legal advice they need because they fear the expense of an accident lawyer. At most auto accident law firms, you are not charged for attorney fees unless and until you receive a jury verdict award or settlement. The knowledgeable staff understands your need to have access to the legal system and endeavors to assist you where they can. They will reduce the stress involved in an accident by communicating with the insurance companies on your behalf. They will handle the details of resolving your accident-related problems and keep you up-to-date on the status of your case.