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Five Reasons Personal Injury Lawyers Are Not Evil

Personal injury lawyers have acquired an unflattering reputation as some of the more aggressive, deceitful and greedy attorneys. They are frequently referred to as “ambulance chasers” and looked down on by their peers. However, a truly dedicated personal injury attorney is a principled legal professional who can help injured individuals achieve just compensation while treating the opponents with respect and professionalism. The following is a list of five reasons why personal injury lawyers are not evil.

1. They can help you obtain fair compensation: If you have sustained a serious injury, a skilled personal injury lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you need and deserve from the person, company or government entity responsible for the harm you have endured. The attorney will work hard to evaluate and prepare your case and to win the largest possible jury award or settlement.

2. They are not paid unless you are paid: Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they do not get paid unless you are paid by the responsible party. This arrangement gives your personal injury attorney motivation to prepare your case thoroughly. After all, if you lose, the attorney also loses the time and money he or she spent working on your case.

3. They can make your life easier: Personal injury lawyers can provide invaluable assistance in the midst of a very difficult situation. They can take care of the legal and financial problems resulting from your injury, allowing you to focus on treatment and recovery. Personal injury attorneys can also help if someone you loved died due to the negligence or willful wrongdoing of another. A wrongful death attorney Minneapolis MN can file a wrongful death lawsuit that might hold the responsible party financially liable for your emotional suffering, loss of consortium and financial damages.

4. They are bound by laws and rules: Personal injury attorneys are required to abide by federal and state laws, rules and regulations. Most lawyers will not do anything illegal or unethical because such conduct might expose them to severe sanctions, including losing their license and going to jail.

5. They want to find a solution: At the end of the day, every attorney wants to find a solution to the client’s problem. Even the lawyer who is working against you wants to find a solution that will end the dispute between his or her client and you. In many cases, the opposing attorney will negotiate and work with you to resolve the issue in a manner that benefits both sides. This is especially true in complex personal injury cases involving family law issues, such as adoption and child custody after the wrongful death of a parent.